Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

This game is where two teams of five fight each other to win over a single objective. The ways that one team wins depends on if they are the defenders or if they are the attackers of that match. The defenders have to prevent the attackers from completing their objective by either killing all of the attackers or defusing a planted defuser(if objective is bomb). The attackers can win if they kill all of the defenders or if they complete the objective. After each round, the two teams switch sides. At the beginning of each round, the two teams can choose from a set of operators to play as and each of the operators has a special ability that they can use to the attacking or defending team's advantage(except the recruit). As this game is a medium to slow paced game that has lots of destruction, traps, doors, hiding spots, and cameras around the entire map. This means that tere are many different kinds of ways that a player can maneuver through and can make this game a whole lot of fun for experienced players or a pain for nonexperienced players that are learning. Since players can team kill in this game, it requres much more knowledge on where your teammates are and in which direction to shoot in. The game is entirely based on the strategy, aiming, and knowledge on all of the different operators that the opposing team can have. Because of this, this game is very competitive and can be very stressing to lose just one round in one match. The controls are somewhat easy to use while switiching the keybinds for the different moves may or may not help, depending on what kind of player you are. On top of the fun and competetiveness of this game, the graphics are beautiful and are very detailed. This causes pros to be extreemly careful on what on their screen moves and what happens to the other players on their teams.