My top video games

Here are some brief introductions on these games and some reasons on why I like them.

Rainbow Six Siege

This game is a first person shooter where two teams of 5 are made randomly and are put against each other. One team is set to defend the objective(s) and the other team is set to try and find the objective during the preperation phase. The players are able to choose their operator of choice before the game starts. The team to win is either if the attackers kill all the defenders or complete the objective, or if the defenders kill all the attackers or prevent them from completing the objective.

Bioshock Series

This game is a first person shooter where the entire game is story mode. The fun does not come from just the shooting but also the story and the small minigames that are also included throughout the entire game. The main reason why the game is an icon is because of the story from Bioshock to Bioshock 2 to Bioshock Infinete.


This game is one of the least played free-to-play game amongst students up to high school because of the time that it takes to obtain the resources and to make the items ingame. Another reason is that the time that it takes to recieve enough items which can span from a half hour to many days. The single player story on this is not bad but the time that it takes to get to the different places for the story scenes takes a very long time and is sometimes requres lots of patience.