Bioshock Series

The Bioshock Series was one of the most successful series of video games that were ever made, selling over 25 milling copies of the game from the entire life of the series. The last game in the series that was released sold over 11 million copies. This game was only sold because of the story that all of the games told while the player was playing the game. The way that one person would interpret the different parts of the game is almost always different from another person who has also played the game. At the beginning of the series life, people did not have much enthusiasm for the game, thinking that it was just another role playing game. After the introduction of some of the other players, it recieved many praises and when Bioshock 2 was released, copies sold mad. The story that was progressed had told the players an entire lifetime of person who had survived a plane crash. After the first game was released, the audience was struck wanting more and wanting to know what would come next. When Bioshock Infinete was released, the story of quantum traveling started to unforld and the different kinds of problems that occured began to piece together slowly. After finishing the game, the entire story is pieced together and the reason for the plane crash was explained. The complicated story and interactions that the characters had with each other made a very distinctly different kind of roleplaying story than other kinds of games that were released. This is why this series was such a success and why this game is still such a icon in the PC gaming universe.